[profanity] [PATCH docs] man: add new ml; remove personal mail from author to dump bugs

Michael Vetter jubalh at iodoru.org
Sat May 16 12:11:29 CEST 2020

> > If you insist on not using GitHub I would urge you again to learn to
> > send proper patches.  
> Yes, sorry. The subject of this mail "man: add new ml;..." was
> intended to be the headline of the commit message

I guessed so.

> > You can send patches as attachements if that is easier to not
> > confuse the content of the mail with the commit message.  
> i think next time i will first send the patch myself and then to the
> mailinglist or so.

That's a good approach.
I think the LKML also has something on their website regarding sending
patches via git.

> Thanks for your patience

No worries. All contributions are very welcome!
We all have to learn to get accustomed to our tools :)


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