[profanity] Autoping response timed out

Michael Vetter jubalh at iodoru.org
Mon Apr 20 13:02:07 CEST 2020


> I changed some code and started to look into this issue. There was no
> disconnect / connection problem. It was just because of a very big
> OMEMO Device List of another XMPP account.
> The response of the device list takes 2min and the autojoin timeout
> is 20 sec. See [2].

Wow. That's not good that devices can do such things to disturb others.

> For this fix, I create a PR [3]. Maybe the author of OMEMO code can
> review the PR.

I merged the PR. Changes look good to me. Thanks!

> During investigation I found some more issues. For example
> iq_handlers. This PR [4] should be reviewed or just drop the PR (see
> later).

Pasis reviewed your PR and left some comments on it where you need to
take action.

Thanks a lot for investigating these issues! Great job!


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